Mi PC Suite Latest Version


1: Install after download. The file is available in the thread link given below.



2: At the main page, you can manage files, apps, photos, videos, notes, music, messages, contacts and most importantly phone backups, restore, system upgrade and ROM flashing. Screenshot and Screencast functions are also available.



3: After connection your phone, it automatically switches to use your PC's internet connection. Should you wish to turn it off, simply access your notifications shade on your phone and disable it. Do note that using the Screencast function turns it back on.



4: Click on Screencast will show the screen of your phone on your PC as well as allow for control over your phone with your PC (Currently supports only Mi3 and Mi4)



5: In the Backup interface, you can backup your phone's data and manage all previous backups.



6: In the Update interface, you can perform a system update and check the changelog of the update.



7: At the home screen, connecting your phone in Fastboot mode will automatically open the dialogue for fast boot flashing



Pick any option and let it run. It'll first download the fastboot ROM then flash it in.

Note: This method only executes the flash_all script, meaning all data will be wiped from the phone.



After a successful flashing, it'll show another dialogue and your phone will then boot up.



8: You can manage all files on your phone and transfer data between your phone and PC with the File Explorer.



9: Check, uninstall, restrict network access and install new applications on your phone using your PC, just by using the App tab.



10: Access the Photo tab to import or export and check your photos on your phone.



Double clicking on a photo to enlarge it



11: Similar to the Photo Manager, the Video manager offers functions to import/export as well as watching the videos by double-clicking on it.



12: The Music manager allows mass managing of music files as well as playing the files through your PC.



13: Messaging and Contacts allow users to manage messages and contacts on their phones besides the capability to send messages.



14: At the Notes tab, you can edit and manage your notes, change the color tag, reminder, add in graphics and checklists. All will be synced with your phone.



15: If you encountered any problems or bugs while using the MI PC Suite, feel free to send some feedback.


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